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Tender Writing - Service Development - Innovation

Does your organisation face these challenges?


Writing a compelling tender response

Asking your service managers to write a tender response isn’t working anymore.  The right people are experts in understanding how to make our organisation, staff, and services stand out.

Our resources are spent on the pursing the winnable tenders, with the right expertise, and a clearly articulated value proposition.

Coping with a competitive and changing market

Government reforms mean that your service model and tender submissions are no longer relevant.

To survive and prosper you need to demonstrate that you are the right choice to deliver the Government’s vision of a reformed service model.

Implementing the right growth strategy

Most health and community service organisations struggle to invest in the right business development processes to create differentiated service models, positioning themselves with funding bodies; and prepare persuasive tender responses.

The Amos Consulting approach to solving these challenges

We help you as the CEO, Business Development Manager, or Finance Manager to:

  • Understand the strengths of your position in the market and how to leverage your relationships, innovation, and quality
  • Assess opportunities for growth in existing and new markets
  • Respond to Government changes in service delivery requirements, funding models, or performance measures
  • Prepare persuasive and compelling tender and grant submissions
  • Implement better practices for business development
  • Reduce the stress on your teams from chasing unwinnable tenders

The Amos Consulting Guide to Better Tender Writing

From 10 years experience working alongside large and small health and community service organisations
we have developed our guidebook for better tender writing. 

By downloading our guide, you will understand how to:

  • Implement a simple, repeatable process for producing persuasive and compelling tender submissions
  • Position your organisation for success before the tender is released
  • Pursue tenders that you have a high probability of winning, and avoid those you can’t win
  • Create a team with the right skills to develop better services, impress funding bodies, and win more contracts.
Download your copy today!

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