Tender Writing

Competitive tenders, proposals, expressions of interest, and pre-qualification processes are a reality for community service organisations. They are stressful, involve tight timeframes, and often result in much replicated effort.

Amos Consulting helps with tender writing, examples, and clear processes to develop the highest quality and most persuasive application on each occasion. Our consultants expertly advise and help you to produce credible, compelling, and persuasive funding applications.

How We Work

  • Analysis:  our consultants use their knowledge of tender evaluation processes to identify the key content that will make your  application successful.
  • Service model development and design: working collaboratively with your staff, our consultants lead workshops to develop and design a service model that represents your skills and experience and will be highly attractive to government decision makers.
  • Research: Researching your organisation, we find the case studies and success stories that showcase your skills and expertise.  This evidence is used to add credibility and persuasiveness to your application.
  • Review: We review and document your organisational policies and quality standards across the core criteria of governance, financial management, human resources, performance management, and quality management.
  • Follow Up:  Our follow up tender support service ensures skills transfer and creation of great tenders which become examples of how to structure and present future bids. Our consultants will analyse feedback from funding bodies, submit Freedom of Information requests, attend tender feedback interviews, and prepare debriefs that highlight the strengths and areas of improvement for your next application.  Our tender writing service means you will be well prepared to deliver a high-quality submission for must-win work.


We work on an hourly rate, or a fixed quote for large tenders that require greater than 80 hours work.

If your tender preparedness or process could use some help, please contact us.