Tender writing is time consuming and exacting.  The highest quality application wins.   This is not always the best qualified organisation, but rather the organisation that is best able to prepare, plan and write a compelling and persuasive proposal.

Health and social service organisations frequently struggle to prepare the best quality application because of their staff lack the right skills, time or resources.    Amos Consulting are specialist tender writers, editors, and project managers with the skills to ensure that you present the highest quality application to Government decision makers.

Amos Consulting provides a range of services tailored to the tender writing needs of large and small organisations.  Services include full service tender writing, where we project manage the application from inception, through service model design, to writing and editing your final application.

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Early Assessment Services

If you already employ a tender writer, our early assessment services are an inexpensive way of employing Amos Consulting’s specialists to analyse, review, assess and improve your draft application.  Our team improves your application through an independent appraisal of the quality of your draft, assessment of its strengths, and suggested improvements.

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