How To

Successful tender writing is the art of persuasion.  From preparing and assessing more than 100 health and social service tender applications, Amos Consulting’s writers and editors have refined the process to a fine art.  Our successful approach is based on the following principles that can be incorporated by all organisations:

Content:  A designer knows perfection is achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.  Our writers and editors are skilled in developing the content of tenders and sales proposals in a way which expresses your idea in the clearest manner.

Service Model Design:  When tendering for social service contracts and grants, a clear and expressive service model is the most important part of your application.  Successful applications present complex service models in clear, understandable terms.  To simplify and clarify your model, several tools are useful:  flowcharts, diagrams, and decision trees.   By illustrating your service model using these tools, combined with expressive text, highly complex models can be made persuasive to the reader.

Evidence:  Concrete and credible evidence of your organisation’s programs, capabilities, and successes creates persuasive proposals.  A good application will also be able to show that the project design is based on the latest information about what works. When you are asked to quote evidence, it does not have to be from formal research. It could be from a variety of sources such as news articles, notes from a community meeting, feedback from local service providers, or other documents. For health and social service tenders, Amos Consulting uses client success stories to engage the audience emotionally.  We are motivating people with your idea, asking them to participate with you.  Our success stories are supported by facts and figures gleaned from credible sources such as the ABS.

Clear and persuasive writing:   Clarity of writing usually follows clarity of thought.  Poorly written proposals undermine the credibility of an application.  Clear writing is the simplest way to remind the reader of your skills.  Attention to the way your proposal is written and how your ideas are expressed is fundamental to Amos Consulting’s approach to successful tender writing.  Amos Consulting employs professional editors of the highest skills so our client’s applications are imbued with clarity of thought and credibility of ideas.   We develop and refine the content of your proposal and marry it to clear, expressive writing to produce the most persuasive application possible.