Preparing for NSW Grant Reform

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Will you be tender ready?

After several postponements, NSW Health is now accelerating the Grants Management Improvement Program that will change the way $250million in health and community service funding is distributed.

At a recent NGO stakeholder forum, Peter Carter, Acting Director, Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Program, and his team made several key announcements:

  • NGOs will need to work collaboratively, using integrated and holistic service models
  • Consortia will be encouraged to bid under the new purchasing framework
  • Activity based funding means NGOs must demonstrate that they can achieve quantifiable outcomes.

Importantly, NSW Health has announced a timeframe for the reform process.  NGOs must be ‘tender ready’ by mid-2016.

The time to start preparing your strategy is now.

Kick Start with Philip Amos Consulting
To assist our NGO clients, Philip Amos Consulting has developed a ‘Kick Start’ workshop which will give you and your team the knowledge and strategies to be tender ready when NSW Health goes to market in 2016.  The workshop includes modules spanning:

  • Educating your leadership team and board on how the grant reform shake-up will play out
  • Assessing whether you have the skills and systems to succeed in outcome-based funding
  • Positioning your organisation to retain our funding and gain new funding
  • Helping to assess what role is right for you in a consortia and how to choose a partner

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you be tender ready in 2015.


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