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If you are feeling like being a NFP leader is more exhausting than ever.  You are right.  Over the past two years, the speed of change in the health and community services sectors has reached a new peak.

We are experiencing wave after wave of funding and grant reform, service delivery changes, the drive to collaborate, and report on outcomes.

And it’s not just the speed of change that is increasing, the size and scale of transformation is growing with each iteration.  Consider these examples you may be familiar with.

  • In NSW, grant reform may lead to 300+ grants being reduced to 70, and the number of contracted service providers falling from 100s down to 30.
  • In July, the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet reduced 115 Indigenous funding streams into 5 and every provider had to re-apply for funding.
  • In Victoria, a wave of mergers accompanied mental health service reform, as Vic Health reduced to a maximum of 3 NGO providers per region.
  • 30% of NFP Boards discussed a merger in the past year according to the Commonwealth Bank NFP Governance and Performance Study.
  • The NDIS is unleashing actual choice and competition into disability services, slowly at present, but soon in a tidal wave.

For organisation leaders, just remaining abreast of these issues is a test of focus and skill.

Then you ask.  How do we respond?  How do I prepare my staff and clients for the coming changes?   Or more critically, how do we survive, let alone thrive?

The answer is strategy.

At Philip Amos Consulting, we are working with health and community organisations to understand, prepare strategic responses, and chart a course to future success.

By using an intuitive strategic development process, we are helping organisations feel confident that they are prepared for the upheavals and change.  Across three steps we help you focus on the future and answer key questions:

  • Firstly, we help you to understand your environment.  Answering the questions:  Do you understand the changes taking place and can you see what your sector or region will look like in 5 years?
  • Secondly, we help you to understand your organisation.  Answering the questions: where do we stand, and are we prepared?   Preparation begins with a calculated assessment of your strengths, your ability to change, the strengths that you can leverage.  It will be competitive and the fittest will survive.
  • Thirdly, we help you make a plan.  Answering the questions: where are we going?  How will we get there?  What strategy will we employ to position ourselves to not just survive, but thrive in the new world?

If you would like to talk strategy, give Philip Amos a call on 0424 419 569 or


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